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What are Micro Peels?

One of the more popular facial rejuvenation treatments today is micropeeling. This is a superficial chemical peel that can smooth and soften the skin, brighten the complexion, minimize pore size and reduce discoloration, all without social downtime.

This simple 30-minute procedure should not be confused with a micro-laser peel, which is a more invasive treatment that requires 48-72 hours of downtime. Both procedures are designed to exfoliate the skin to regrow skin cells, but laser peels work beyond the surface of the skin and may require preparation, medication and downtime for healing.

Microneedling is the lightest of all chemical peels, and because it works on the outer surface, it is not painful by standard standards. The treatment uses lactic and glycolic acids, which are naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in fruits and other foods.

What are the benefits?

Micro peels are an effective addition to skin care and accelerate the results that can only be achieved with skin care. Because they are more potent, they have a significant advantage over skin care products, and they don't require time to recover. Micro peeling will improve the texture, tone and overall appearance of your skin, as well as reduce the visible size of pores. Many people also experience improvement in small, superficial wrinkles.

How does the procedure work?

First, dead skin cells are gently removed using a painless technique called dermaplaning, which is similar to shaving. An AHA solution, usually between 20% and 50%, depending on your skin type, is brushed on and left for about 10 minutes. There may be a slight, temporary stinging and itching. Stimulants such as dry ice are then applied, followed by a moisturizer. Immediately after micropeeling, you can return to your usual activities.

The extent of exfoliation depends on the type and concentration of AHA. At high concentrations, AHAs act as exfoliating agents that work faster and at a deeper level.

The skin rejuvenates for up to six weeks after each treatment. The treatment is safe to do on an ongoing basis, monthly treatments result in a steady turnover of dead cells, making your skin look and feel fresher.

Are there any drawbacks?

As long as your expectations are realistic, there are a few drawbacks. A micro peel will not improve skin dynamics and folds. If you have thin, sensitive skin, you may experience redness for one to two days after treatment. If this happens, a lower concentration of solution can be used for subsequent treatments.

Because of their simplicity, safety, effectiveness, and low cost, doctor-supervised micropeels have become very popular. The benefits are significant, the risks negligible, and the costs affordable.

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