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What is a CT scan of the sinuses?

Many people complain of a frequently recurring headache. If it intensifies both when bending over and when moving from a cooler to a warmer room, there are many indications that it may be a consequence of sinus problems. This is even more likely if you additionally struggle with a recurring, persistent runny nose. Unfortunately, when it comes to sinus disease diagnosis, we must be aware that it is still quite limited. Usually the only way to make an accurate diagnosis is to perform a computed tomography of the sinuses. So it is worth learning more about this examination.

What are sinuses?

Common sinuses are air-filled spaces located in the human skull. They are located below the eye socket, above the eye socket, between the eye socket and the nose, and at the mouth of the nasal bone. Their functions are quite diverse. They are responsible for heating and humidifying the air we breathe in through our nose, but they also protect the facial skull from injury, while helping us speak and receive nerve impulses. And while they're so important, keeping them healthy isn't easy at all. In fact, there are indications that as many as 15 percent of Poles struggle with recurring sinusitis, headaches, nasal pain and runny noses. Unfortunately, many people continually struggle with sinus treatment on their own. However, untreated sinus diseases can be extremely dangerous, and one of their most dangerous complications is sinusitis - both acute and chronic.

Computed tomography of the sinuses and its specifics

Sinus computed tomography is an extremely precise examination that is used when there is a need to diagnose diseases of the paranasal sinuses. The image obtained during the examination is necessary for a precise assessment of the condition of bones and soft tissues in the immediate vicinity of the paranasal sinuses. The examination is performed using ionizing radiation just as when X-rays are taken. The beam of radiation is passed through the patient's body in the place to be imaged, i.e. through those areas of the skull where the sinuses are located.

Sinus computed tomography - indications

Sinus computed tomography is performed for diagnostic purposes when there is a suspicion of inflammation or other conditions characteristic for the paranasal sinuses. The decision to perform it may be made even if there is a suspicion of fluid in the sinuses, especially if the results of radiological examinations do not clarify the matter. The examination is precise, so it may also draw the doctor's attention to changes that cannot be detected by traditional radiological examination. Computed tomography is also used when there is a need to diagnose the degree of damage to the sinuses. It is also recommended when the doctor is trying to evaluate craniofacial malformations and when there is a concern that there are cancerous tumors in the sinuses.

Computed tomography of the sinuses

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