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Dental x-ray

A dental x-ray is nothing more than a professional dental x-ray. Patients often call it a dental x-ray. It is an essential diagnostic procedure thanks to which the condition of a patient's teeth can be analysed. The examination itself is quite short, does not cause any pain and, moreover, you do not have to prepare for it in particular. Such X-ray examinations were already known at the beginning of the 20th century. They were first performed in the United States.

Indications for dental X-ray examination

Tooth X-ray examinations are performed mainly on people who notice any carious changes or mechanical injuries to their teeth. There are, however, several varieties of such examination, namely pantomography or cephalometry. A popular variant is also point-of-care X-ray.

Dental x-rays are also performed before the commencement of endodontic treatment or in a situation where serious complications occur after such treatment. After all, it may happen that some tool gets stuck in the canal and this will cause alarming complications. Tests turn out to be extremely useful in professional diagnostics of any inflammatory conditions, but also gum diseases. They are also performed before prosthetic treatment. It is best to ask for a specialist's advice and go to him for a consultation, and you will certainly choose the right action to improve the condition of your teeth. X-ray examination of teeth is also recommended before surgical procedures.

Tooth X-ray - what does it look like in practice?

Tooth X-ray does not take long and, moreover, patients do not have to be afraid that during the examination they will feel any great discomfort. It also does not cause pain. Before the examination you may eat, but also drink various liquids and practice sports. Currently such examination is performed with the help of specialized digital cameras. Instead of a film, which was used in the old days, the patient has to insert a specially prepared digital sensor into the mouth, which is protected by a disposable film. It takes only a few seconds for the specialist to perform such an examination. The results are visible immediately, on the screen of the computer used. In this way all the irregularities in patients' teeth are diagnosed.

Such an X-ray is not dangerous to the human body, although you need to be aware that during the examination X-rays are used. However, the doses of radiation are relatively small, so there are no contraindications to perform this type of X-ray if you want to improve the condition of your teeth. You will not harm your health in this way. The only contraindication, however, will be pregnancy. In some cases, however, it is permissible to perform such a test on pregnant women. This happens when the specialist determines that the benefits of the X-ray examination are greater than the risk of damaging the fetus. However, this must be well thought out, and the decision must be mutual in this case. Safe dental X-ray can be performed at >>.

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