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Wisdom teeth - what should you know about the removal of eights?

A visit to the dentist for many is associated with great sacrifice, fear and doubt. The news about having to get rid of a tooth is frightening for us. There are situations in which it will be necessary to remove the eights. There is a wrong belief among patients that the extraction turns out to be painful, and as a consequence we delay an important visit to the specialist. This can lead to serious complications, which will cause numerous complications.

Extraction of eights - why should they be removed?

In biology classes we could learn that wisdom teeth, which are also called eights, are the last molars in humans. In the vast majority of cases they appear between 17 and 26 years of age, however, this is not a permanent rule, because there are situations in which they appear much later. During this process we have to reckon with unpleasant discomfort which will accompany us.

Why is this happening? Well, the erupting tooth covers the gum and, as a consequence, a "pocket" is created. When we eat, the remains of food accumulate there. This creates perfect conditions for harmful bacteria to thrive, making oral hygiene often quite problematic. This, in turn, leads to the fact that caries develops. In addition, the likelihood of inflammation or unpleasant swelling increases.

It is worth deciding on the removal of eights, because we must reckon with the fact that their incorrect growth is possible. An example may be the eruption at the wrong angle. In addition, there may be a lack of space in the dental arch, as a consequence, crowding of teeth is common. It is also worth mentioning that there are situations in which wisdom teeth do not erupt. Only after the X-ray it is visible that they are stuck in the bone.

When should we decide to remove the eights?

In the case of certain ailments we should remove the wisdom teeth. First of all, the indication is pain and recurrent inflammation. It is also necessary when there is not enough room for the tooth to grow. The eighth should be extracted in the case of carious changes, and also when orthodontic treatment is carried out. It is also common for a tooth to be partially erupted or completely stopped - these are also indications to decide on the extraction procedure. It is worth mentioning such ailments as abscess, gangrene or dental gangrene - they also make it necessary to extract the wisdom teeth.

The procedure of eights removal - what does it consist in?

First of all, we should be aware of the fact that the removal of eights surgically or surgically does not cause pain. This is a process, which does not belong to the most complicated ones. The specialist first conducts an interview with the potential patient. Then a tomography is performed. On this basis it is possible to assess whether getting rid of the wisdom tooth is really necessary.

How to prepare for the extraction of eights?

One of the most important issues is oral hygiene. Remember to take a meal before the whole process begins. This is important due to the fact that a few hours after the procedure we can not consume warm foods. At least 12 hours before wisdom teeth removal smoking should be absolutely avoided. To minimize the feeling of discomfort after the surgery, we should avoid physical activity.

Basic information about wisdom teeth removal

This procedure is performed by a specialist called an oral surgeon. The entire process is completely safe, does not cause pain due to the fact that local anesthesia is used. The duration of the procedure oscillates around 1 hour. In order to precisely see the condition of the tooth, the specialists use advanced equipment in the form of a microscope. After the procedure a wound is created, which is cleaned with ozone and then properly secured.

If, after a few hours, swelling appears, we do not have to worry about it. It is a completely normal phenomenon, which can be minimized by applying cold compresses. Remember to eliminate caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol until the alveolus disappears, otherwise there may be complications in the form of inflammation. The healing time for the wound is about a week.

If you feel any discomfort associated with wisdom teeth, do not wait - go to a specialist and deal with the problem immediately. Find out more about the problem associated with the removal of eights at

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