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Fashionable Hairstyles

It is widely believed that a hairstyle can completely change our appearance. What are the new fashionable hair styles for the coming season?

Extended bobs and curls

Hairdresser and creative director of Salón Moncho Moreno Salon Gabriel Llano confirms that the bob hairstyle will continue to be at the top of popularity in 2020. But now leave your hair a little longer than the classic version of the hairstyle. For a perfectly elongated hairstyle of this type, ask your hairdresser to cut the curls just below your chin, but so that they don't touch your shoulders. A great example of this is the hairstyle Kaya Gerber did this summer. 2020 is the year of the medium length hair.


Remember Jennifer Aniston? The cascade has been her favorite hairstyle since the "Friends" series. During a haircut, the master first combes the hair along the growth line and then cuts off individual strands. To get a natural and beautiful cascade, you must moisten the strands with a special serum or a non-wetting conditioner. After the stylist has combed the curls along the hairline, he will adjust the hairstyle, remove excess strands and complete the cascade. This type of hairstyle can be of several types:

- The classic cascade is the most common, its main features are smooth transitions and easy gradation; the classic cascade can be worn with and without bangs;

- The jagged cascade is created with the help of a special barber. The degree of the split can vary from mild to deep.

- The graduated cascade is convenient for daily life. Hair-master "releases" individual strands, so the hairstyle looks neat and without special styling;

- With and without bangs, you can wear any type of cascade - choose your hairstyle focusing on your face shape.


The classic square is a hairstyle with straight ends just above shoulder level. The stylist can straighten curls or undulations to create a layered structure hairstyle;

- elongated square - in the process of creation, the stylist gently cuts the hair in the back and leaves long curls in the front, maintaining visual balance. The main disadvantage of the hairstyle is that it needs daily care. To look cool every day, you need to style your hair regularly;

- Straight square is another popular variation for cutting medium length hair. The barber cuts the ends of the curls as evenly as possible. The hairstyle looks neat and minimalistic.

Hairstyles for Round Faces on Medium Hair

Avoid the cascade with fringes as this hairstyle will make your face look even rounder. Instead, a cascade without fringes works well here. The most important thing is to consider a few aspects when creating a fashion hairstyle. Ask your stylist to lift your curls at the roots and leave straight curls on your face.

The best hairstyle for a round face is a stylish bob. To create the right hairstyle of this type for a round face, you need to cut the curls just below the chin level. Also, you can make a side parting to visually pull out your face. Forget about the fringe, hiding the forehead. Slanted bangs are the best option. If you have slightly wavy curls, straighten them completely.

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