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Gold pendants

One of the most versatile elements of women's jewellery are pendants. They complement a style in a subtle way, giving it an elegant finish and harmonious look. Chains easily bring out a woman's delicate beauty; worn close to the face they make it appear more radiant. What are the most popular necklaces? Certainly pendants on thin chains with delicate strands, which do not attract too much attention. Interesting and unique pendants are the most important element of decoration, and their choice allows to distinguish everyday necklaces from formal ones. Festive occasions sometimes become the background for experimentation: some ladies wear several chains at once or wrap their hands and feet with them.

Which pendants are in fashion? Classic and modern

Fashion is very changeable, and it can be difficult to distinguish specific trends. This is the case with clothes and most jewelry, but chain designers largely remain faithful to the classics. Necklaces and pendants should be timeless and versatile to serve their owners for many years. This does not mean that trends are completely absent. Recently, thin and short chains, which can be worn one under the other, have become popular. Another often chosen option are long pendants with interesting patterns. We often find medallions - not only religious or astrological, but also with plant motifs. However, modern fashion does not dominate over classic metal chains. Depending on your type of beauty, silver or gold chains of different weaves are the best choice. They can have pendants or be devoid of them.

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Gold chains - jewellery for everyone.

Both men and women like gold ornaments made of precious metal - yellow or white gold. It is worth paying attention to the type of chain because there are three categories: solid, hollow and plated. Solid chains are made entirely of solid gold (of different purity; usually it's not 100% pure element but admixtures of other metals increase durability of the material). This is heavy and relatively expensive jewelry, but it is very comfortable and rarely gets damaged. High quality necklaces that can be passed down from generation to generation are based on solid chains.

Hollow gold pendants are made from the same material but are hollow inside. This translates into a lower price and weight, but such chains are more delicate and require careful handling due to their greater susceptibility to damage. The cheapest chains are plated, where the gold is only the top layer and inside there is silver or other material. Gold plating gives the necklace a beautiful look, but it wears off easily and exposes the original material, which makes the ornament much less aesthetic. For this reason, plated pendants are not considered very durable and are not suitable for everyday wear. However, they work well as a not very expensive complement to an outfit.

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