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Ethnicity Mineral Foundation

Ladies very often buy different types of primers for themselves. It is important to invest in proven and completely safe foundations. The mineral foundation by Ethnicity is an example. It provides the skin with matte finish and additionally takes care of the most natural effect. Every woman who decides to use it will be satisfied with it. The effect lasts even for the whole day. The foundation guarantees a solid protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It contains a natural sunscreen. This type of cosmetic can be used both at home and during some travel. It is easy to pack it with you in your handbag. The product is water-resistant, which makes it great for protecting the skin from sunburn. It ensures that the makeup lasts long, even in the rain.

Earthnicity mineral foundation - the presence of natural ingredients

Earthnicity mineral foundation is characterized by the presence of completely natural ingredients, therefore investing in this cosmetic is a real bull's eye. It is also characterised by a light and unique formula, which additionally ensures that the skin can breathe freely. The foundation is suitable for any season of the year, eliminates the risk of clogged pores, but also the formation of dangerous and unsightly blackheads. The foundation contains a large amount of zinc oxide, but also titanium dioxide. This way you can prevent any inflammations and soothe skin irritations.

The cosmetic is suitable for both normal people and people with allergies. It can also be used by women who suffer from any skin lesions. The foundation of loose structure does not have a water phase, so it eliminates the risk of harmful bacteria. It may be used e.g. during acne treatment.

Earthnicity mineral foundation - care for every type of complexion and skin

Investing in Earthnicity mineral foundation you may be sure that it will effectively take care of practically every type of complexion and skin. The foundation will contain mineral pigments, among others, and there will certainly be no preservatives, dyes or parabens. You will not experience harmful ingredients that could harm human skin. The primer will perfectly cover any imperfections, so you can use it every day, but also before some important outings, such as business meetings. It provides women with an impeccable look for long hours. It also takes care of naturalness and adds chic and class to ladies.

To apply Earthnicity mineral foundation you will need a special brush. It can be the kabuki version of Earthnicity. This way, ladies ensure perfect coverage and a natural look, which is what many ladies strive for. The foundation also comes with a velour puff, which will come in handy especially when you want to apply some minor touch-ups to your makeup. The primer comes in a specially designed jar with a strainer, with a capacity of 30ml. It is extremely light as it weighs only 9 grams.

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