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Indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds - what's the difference?

Cannabis seeds can be grown in several different ways, primarily indoors but also outdoors. Because of this those interested can choose for themselves between indoor and outdoor options. There are a number of different ways in which cannabis seeds can be grown, mainly indoors but also outdoors, so people can choose between indoor and outdoor growing. It is also important to consider the conditions for growing these crops, which are not the same for everyone. The information contained in this article is purely educational, as the cultivation of such seeds is prohibited in Poland.

Outdoor cultivation - some important information

Outdoor cultivation is the practice of growing seeds outdoors. This option is recommended to all those people who do not have conditions for growing in their homes. It takes advantage of the available climate and weather conditions, so in some places the crop will thrive better and in others worse. The seeds needed for this type of cultivation are high yielding and can yield up to 1.5 kg of dried seeds. The plants can, however, be attacked by various diseases, so they need to be constantly looked after. The exposure to harmful insects in this case is really considerable. The advantage of such solutions is:

  • the use of natural light and water,
  • high yields,
  • cheaper cultivation than in the case of cultivation in apartments,
  • and it's environmentally friendly.

People who want to use this proposal, however, must remember that young plants must first be prepared for cultivation and accustomed to the sun, and the whole process takes place in the summer and allows you to make one harvest. Yields are also dependent on specific weather conditions, and if the weather is unfavorable you need to remember to protect them carefully.

Indoor growing - the most important information

The second option you can afford is indoor growing, which means growing indoors. Most often they are associated with relatively low yields and fast maturation of the plants. Thanks to this option, harvesting can be done even a few times a year. However, the cultivation requires the purchase of specialized lamps, and so it generates much higher bills for electricity. Because of this, not every person can afford to practice it. It also generates extra heat in the summer, which can be a significant inconvenience in small spaces, especially for older people. The plants need to be looked after regularly and constantly, so this takes up quite a bit of time.

The advantage of such a proposal is, of course, that individuals have more control over their crops and are not dependent on the weather conditions. It is also a good idea to make sure that the conditions are suitable for the growth stage of the plants. Those who are interested should also prepare themselves for higher expenses.

Legal issues

The most important piece of information for everyone who has read this article is, of course, that owning seeds is legal, because you can treat them as a collector's item, for example. The most important piece of information for anyone reading this article is that it's legal to possess seeds, as they can be treated as a collector's item, but you'll need to be aware that such plants can't be grown or sold in Poland, as there are severe legal consequences for doing so.

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