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What is NFC juice?

The fact that juices are tasty and healthy is certainly known to all of us. Each of us is also aware of the fact that they are able to please the eye with their beautiful colours. But there is no denying that also among them we have to deal with both better and worse products. Manufacturers are often prone to experiment and it has to be said that they are not always successful. So how do we judge NFC juices and how do we explain their phenomenon?

NFC juice - what does the acronym actually mean?

The abbreviation NFC is quite mysterious, so in order to discuss this group of juices, it is important to understand what it actually means. NFC juice is so-called pressed juice, and the abbreviation comes from the first letters of the English term not from concentrate. If we come across such an inscription on a bottle or carton of juice, it should be an indication that the juice has not been produced from concentrate, but in a home-made way. In practice this means that the entity responsible for the production of juice first had the fruit and vegetables washed, then squeezed and finally poured into a vessel. What may distinguish NFC juices from those that are actually prepared at home is pasteurisation. This is often used in mass production and for good reason. Pasteurisation gives the juice a longer shelf life and it can be stored at room temperature without fear of losing its characteristic properties. All juices of this kind are bottled hot. If the juice is not pasteurised, this is good to know. If it is not pasteurised, it is good to know that it is fresh, and therefore recommended to drink it within a few hours of preparation.

Pressed juices and their competitors

NFC juices are not the only ones that appear on shop shelves today. In their vicinity we can often find also those created with the use of concentrated juice. In this case after pressing the fruit the producer decides to add to it some auxiliary substances in order to clarify it. Often such an aid is gelatin, and this means that such juices should not be drunk either by vegans or vegetarians. Then the water is removed from the juice to make it thicker and you can bring it to the production plant. There, too, work is done on it, mostly by adding water to the juice. Thanks to the application of such a method it is possible, for example, to reduce transport costs. The price of the juice itself is also reduced. And yet, even despite this, it is NFC juices that have priority. They contain more fibre and minerals and therefore are not only healthier but also tastier.

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Why is it worth drinking NFC juices?

Drinking NFC juices is a great way to provide our body with necessary vitamins. It is worth reaching for them every day but watch out for sugar. This is already contained in the fruit itself and some producers still tend to add it.

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