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How are dental implants placed?

Dental implants are placed to replace the loss of a patient's natural teeth. An ideal implant should be durable, functional and should not stand out in color against the natural teeth. It should be placed by a dentist with experience and qualifications. You should check how the placement looks like and choose a specialist who will perform the procedure professionally. An implant is an artificial root - a titanium implant, which will be the size of a natural root. It is on its basis that an artificial tooth or a crown is prepared. However, the number of implants does not always equal the number of missing teeth. It is possible to perform a few implants and base all missing teeth on it. In some cases two implants are sufficient and a denture may be supported on them.

Crown, or artificial tooth

A prosthetic crown is an artificial tooth that is attached to implants, where it is intended to act as a tooth, or to existing teeth to hide damage. A crown is also placed to protect a weak tooth from breaking, to repair a broken tooth, to fix a bridge, or to cover a tooth after root canal treatment. Currently, dental offices offer a variety of solutions when it comes to the crowns that may be used. A metal crown is made of various metal alloys. Unfortunately, it is not very aesthetic, because it will never have the color of the natural tooth. An acrylic crown is made of acrylic in the same color as the natural tooth, but the disadvantage is that it is not very durable and therefore it is usually used as a temporary restoration.

A metal crown faced with acrylic on the front side will be covered with acrylic in the color of natural teeth. However, it is rarely used nowadays because it will not look too good and it is not a permanent solution. The ceramic crown is made of porcelain, very aesthetic, because the color will not differ from the color of natural teeth. However, the disadvantage here will be the high price. A porcelain veneered metal crown is a crown, which is made of metal and is covered with porcelain and it will imitate the natural ones well. This is the most common prosthetic crown used today.

Zirconium crown, which will be characterized by very high strength and also high light transmission, which will complement the prosthetic so that the optical properties of natural teeth can be maintained. It is worth remembering that regardless of what kind of crown it is, it is a permanent restoration and therefore it may be removed only by a dentist. How does the dental implant procedure look like? There are three stages in the dental implant procedure - placement of the implant - placement of the healing screw - attaching the artificial tooth Recommendations after the dental implant procedure After the procedure, your dentist will give you oral hygiene instructions.

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