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Cabbage juice from a juicer

The health properties of freshly squeezed juices are commonly known. Vegetable juices are becoming more and more popular. Among them cabbage juice cannot be missed. How to make such a juice? What are the advantages of drinking it?

It is not only about prevention. More and more often among doctors there are opinions about the healing influence of vegetables. One of such specialists is Dr Ewa Dąbrowska. She is the creator of a diet based on vegetables and fruits. This kind of diet is based on vegetables. In this case, fruits are only a variety. This diet consists of eating only products of plant origin, which contain a small amount of sugars. The diet is followed for several weeks. Cabbage is especially recommended on this diet.

The power of sauerkraut

Folk wisdom has discovered the use of exceptional cabbage juice. It can be taken in two forms. We are talking about sauerkraut and raw cabbage. They differ in their effects on health. Let's focus on the sauerkraut version. It is the one that supports the digestive system in all its sections in a special way. Sauerkraut juice, especially the red one, works perfectly as a mouthwash. It strengthens the gums and soothes minor inflammations and wounds. It has a probiotic effect, which can be appreciated especially during antibiotic treatment.

The juice of red sauerkraut has a very positive effect on the treatment of duodenum and gastric ulcers. The demonstrated anti-inflammatory effect also helps in recovery during herpes of the lips. That is why it is worth drinking at least one glass before meals. This will accelerate the work of the digestive system. It is best to consume it several times a day for a period of several weeks. This will not only treat the symptoms, but also the causes of a particular ailment.

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Fresh cabbage for a radiant complexion

The juice of fresh cabbage whites has a very strong effect on the condition of the skin. Its use can support any dermatological treatments. It has been noted that it improves a lot of skin tone, deals with eczema and also soothes herpes labialis. It also has a soothing effect on burns and also frostbite. It is also appreciated by people who are struggling with dandruff. This is due to the high sulfur content, which actually smoothens the skin and inhibits any problems with seborrhea. It is also greatly influenced by vitamin C.

Is it even possible for cabbage juice to support cancer treatment? This is due to isocyanates, which accelerate the very metabolism of estrogen. This translates into the work of the immune system. Their level is high in juice made from raw cabbage. Very important here is also the action of vitamin C and sulfur. They efficiently remove water radicals that contribute to the formation of cancerous diseases. Vitamin K improves concentration. Therefore, it can help people who are struggling with Alzheimer's disease. In folk medicine it was met with applying a capista leaf to the forehead in the form of a kind of compress. It is also reported to have such an effect on health both in this form, as well as in the juice version.

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